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Sandra Dalton is a fine art photographer focusing on portraiture and pictures that tell a story. She is best known for her portraits of feral and rescue cats.

Growing up on the outskirts of a few metropolitan areas, she has chosen to live in the mountains for most of her adult life. Sandra started out as a writer. Raised by a photographer, she spent her early years in front of the lens, and only began to delve into photography in her 30’s. She has had a love for, and natural connection with, animals since before she could talk. Her work reveals both her love of storytelling and her love of animals.

I believe that great animal portraits and great human portraits have the same qualities. Pictures that capture the essence, heart and personality of the subject, and that tell a compelling story. A photo of a living being, any living being, should draw you into their world and make you want to know more.

Every creature has a backstory, and a unique view of this life – a view and lessons that may surprise you, if you take the time to ask and listen. My photos can only give a peek into their stories.

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